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I Have Many Types: The Dorkalicious

Up until a couple of years ago, I thought my ‘type’ was set…sort of. The most common joke my friends made when referencing a guy was “He’s too white/young for you”…so yeah, I was into the older black guys. The exceptions being guys like George Clooney…Channing Tatum and Ryan Reynolds…

Then my true type began to emerge. The eyes are always important…and the smile…but it’s all about personality. Make me laugh…make me think and be a dork with me and I’m sold. This led to my love of the following famous people who now rock my world and fantasies:

John Cusack…From Lloyd Dobler in ‘Say Anything’ to Jake in ‘Must Love Dogs’, John Cusack is my dream man. Goofy, cute, adorable, sappy and sometimes a little psychotic…he’s just perfectly dorky.

Ahhh…Jim Parsons…my dear, neurotic Sheldon. How adorable are you?

Colin Ferguson…Sheriff Jack Carter of Eureka…I discovered you on the SciFi channel…Need I say more?

Oh yeah…Smile for me.

Matthew Morrison as Will Shuester.

ZQ gets a mention for this picture:

Who are some of your favorite dorks? Did I miss anyone?

Next week: The Bad Boys

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  • LivingWicked September 24, 2009, 12:40 pm

    You are more dork than you will ever admit in this or any blog for that matter. And that has nothing to do with what guys you like.

    Just saying.
    .-= LivingWicked´s last blog ..Pillow Talk – 2 =-.

    • PrincessQ September 24, 2009, 12:50 pm

      I don’t know what you’re talking about…I always own up to my dorkness.

  • Anita September 24, 2009, 12:54 pm

    Dorks rule! My kind of men, too.

    • PrincessQ September 24, 2009, 1:13 pm


  • C-Pants September 24, 2009, 1:03 pm

    Josh Radnor
    Bill Hader and Andy Samberg
    Paul Rudd

    • PrincessQ September 24, 2009, 1:13 pm

      I was going to put Josh Radnor into the “Good Guys” category…but yeah, he could fall under dork too!

      Andy Samberg will go into the “Funny Guys” just for you 🙂

      And here’s Paul Rudd:

  • Mb September 24, 2009, 1:21 pm

    I love me some John Cusack too. Altho I’ve heard in real life he’s not as funny as his characters. So maybe I’d rather date him playing someone else.

    To add to the list:
    Marky Mark Wahlberg
    Bradley Cooper
    Maksim from Dancing with the Stars
    .-= Mb´s last blog ..So you want a TMI story you say? =-.

    • PrincessQ September 24, 2009, 3:10 pm

      I think Marky Mark might be more of a ‘Pretty Boy’…

      • Mb September 25, 2009, 7:31 am

        LOL Totally right. I sort of skipped over the whole “i love nerds” memo and just gave you my list of fave celebs. For a nerd/dork tho- I’d throw in Jason Bateman or Michael Cera.
        .-= Mb´s last blog ..So you want a TMI story you say? =-.

        • PrincessQ September 25, 2009, 11:25 am

          Ohhhhhhhhh…Michael Cera is definitely a dork…but he’s also a “Good Guy” 🙂

  • shine September 24, 2009, 1:32 pm

    I love a dork. Really. And a nerd. I dated two, TWO astrophysicists…back to back. Actually, I’ve sort of dated Sheldon. But less pleasant and more of an alcoholic. Totally had the always have to be right thing, though.

    But for me, it will always be (Pre-Earl) Jason Lee. That was an impressive amount of rhyming.
    .-= shine´s last blog ..Violence UnSilenced =-.

    • PrincessQ September 24, 2009, 3:12 pm

      Rhyming is awesome.

      I dated an alcoholic once…never fun.

  • BigMamaCass September 24, 2009, 1:50 pm

    Hmmm…. I am going to have to think about it. Those were all very good ones tho. And I have to say Paul Rudd is among the top 3 😀
    .-= BigMamaCass´s last blog ..Care for some sticky sex? TMI Thursday =-.

    • PrincessQ September 24, 2009, 3:12 pm

      Paul Rudd is a cutie. I’m not sure why I forgot about him…lol

  • Ed Adams September 24, 2009, 2:12 pm

    I’m sad my names not on the list. Oh wait, you have to be famous first. Okay.

    P.S. Big Bang Theory kicks ass.
    .-= Ed Adams´s last blog ..TMI Thursday: I see your sword isn’t as big as mine… =-.

    • PrincessQ September 24, 2009, 3:12 pm

      It really does. The first episode of this season was great.

  • Cassie September 24, 2009, 2:24 pm

    No dorks for me, actually…I hang out with them, and laugh alot with them, but I much prefer a grizzly man….

    • PrincessQ September 24, 2009, 3:13 pm


      I’ll have to find you some…lol

  • GingerMandy September 24, 2009, 2:40 pm

    all you need is ZQ. that’s all. it’s too bad he’s mine, huh? 😉

    • PrincessQ September 24, 2009, 3:14 pm

      Yeah, I’ll give him to you…for now.

  • Taylor September 24, 2009, 2:56 pm

    Aw, I LOVE dorks!
    .-= Taylor´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday: Music =-.

    • PrincessQ September 24, 2009, 3:14 pm

      Me too!

  • Walter September 24, 2009, 4:25 pm

    I can’t say anything about dorky men. Obviously. That’s gross. But I can say that dorky women are definitely what I’m into. They’re hard to find though. Most of the dorky girls out there are not actually dorky. Just stupid. And that my friends, is unacceptable.

  • Lusty Reader September 24, 2009, 5:10 pm

    isn’t Matthew Morrison gay? either i’m confused, or he just *seems* very “confused”
    .-= Lusty Reader´s last blog ..Guest Dare Post =-.

    • PrincessQ September 25, 2009, 11:24 am

      Does it matter?

      He’s still a cute dork.

  • Lauren September 24, 2009, 6:48 pm

    I love dorks. My boyfriend is a dork and we love dorkin’ out together.

    I just used dork way too many times right there, ha! 😛
    .-= Lauren´s last blog ..“I don’t wanna!” =-.

    • PrincessQ September 25, 2009, 11:23 am

      Haha, yeah, the Boy is a major dork…I love it!

  • MinD September 29, 2009, 1:41 pm

    Michael Cera. Maybe someone already mentioned him, but seriously, I love him.

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