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The One With All the Driving & 80s Disaster

You know how Friends episodes were always named “The one where…”? Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to start doing that for my outings with the gang from now on.

Tonight’s episode is called “The One with All the Driving & 80s Disaster”

So the plan tonight was simple. Meet up at Strikes in Bethesda for some bowling, drinking & possibly dancing. Yes, we dance to the music they play at the bowling alley. Don’t you dare judge us. I got to Bethesda first because I left early, ineffectively gauging traffic and how far it was in Bethesda…when I got there, I found out that they would be closed at 9 PM for a private party. Considering we were meeting up at 8, there really was no point in us starting a game but I waited for everyone to get there…The MD gang got there and MonkeyBoy (MB) (Don’t ask why I’m calling him this…just go with it) was coming from DC. While we were waiting for him, someone got the genius idea that we should go to Dave & Buster’s. By someone, I mean Nirmal. By genius, I mean…well, you’ll see…

So MB got to Strikes and we told him about the plan. Since Nirmal had carpooled with Alicia, I had him take my car so I could ride with MB because he doesn’t really know his way around MD and I don’t trust navigation systems and by the time we left it was coming down pretty hard. So we got to D&B…and put our name down for a table. 45 minute wait…Then we heard another genius idea from the genius man of the night. “Let’s walk around the mall!” because…that’s what you do on a Friday night…walk around an empty mall. By the way, I was pretty amazed tonight. I went into Lord & Taylor’s bathrooms and it was a nice ass bathroom. Like…amazingly elegant and clean and I could’ve totally taken a nap on the couch. Does anyone even GO to Lord & Taylor’s? I might go in there just to use the bathroom…

But I digress…

We decided to head back to D&B after walking around for a half hour…and just sort of hung around, chatting. And then we realize that it’d been 45 minutes and our names still hadn’t been called. “Oh it’s going to be another 20 minutes”.

“We should’ve gone to BowlAmerica”
“SOMEONE suggested Dave & Buster’s.”
“Why haven’t we been playing pool?”
“SOMEONE suggested we walk around the mall…”

Debating whether or not we wanted to wait around for the table, we decided to just give up and go to IHOP. We were going to end up there anyway…But that was another 20 minute drive down Rockville Pike…So I gave Nirmal my keys again and rode with MB…reminiscing about my childhood memories as we went down Rockville Pike. Why he didn’t kick me out of the car, I have no idea. So we get to IHOP, grab a table…Before we got out of the car, Mambo #5 came on the radio…So MB & I were jamming. Do not judge. The worst part came when we were at IHOP & Nirmal said “The playlist on your iPod is jamming. I was cranking it up…while I was hydroplaning with your car…” Apparently, he had “Make Love in This Club” by Usher stuck in his head. He proceeded to hum the notes from the song…and then got MB started on it…throughout the night, at various intervals, the two of them would start humming…Oy.

The rest of the night went forward with plenty of “That’s what SHE said” moments mixed in with picking on me. I’ve known the gang for 10 years. It was MB’s first time meeting them. I’m pretty sure that they like him more than me…I was worried that we would sort of get lost in our own world but I have a solid group of friends who are good story tellers and don’t let people feel left out. I think I was more left out because I wasn’t there for some of the stories they were telling & I should’ve been…*tear*

I decided to stay in MD…so my drive was short. MB had to drive back to DC…which I still felt bad for. I hope that we made it worth all the driving in the rain.

Kudos to my flat iron. My hair didn’t even start frizzing up until the end of the night, when I was basically standing under the rain talking to MB.

Not so much kudos to these people we saw at D&B in full 80s gear.

**Click the picture for the full impact**

I had an incredible night…For a lot of reasons. Despite all the mishaps, it was worth every second. And now…I have an awesome new cuddle buddy who’s going to keep me company…

Do you have any stories of shenanigans gone wrong but ended up great regardless? Or any disaster stories?

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  • Just Jen March 28, 2009, 1:39 am

    Awwwwww…and your hair STILL looks fab!

  • Svaha March 30, 2009, 9:40 am

    I don’t do shenanigans. That’s m story and I’m sticking to it.

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