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Friday Night Shenanigans

I’m going to start this post, as I do with any post about shenanigans, by saying that I do not remember everything that exactly happened and what was said…etc for two reasons: My very bad short term memory and the fact that at any point, there were at least two conversations going on (I think 4 at one point) and I don’t do well with paying attention.

But I will tell you one thing…I had a blast last night.

The evening started out when Karina came up from VA to keep me company until the MD gang got to DC. She was supposed to leave early but she eventually cancelled her plans and actually stayed to have dinner with us. After I was done with work, and we found a parking space, we headed to Rumors because I promised Jess and a couple of the happy hour regulars that I would stop by. Since it was the first nice day in the city in a while, the bar was naturally crowded. After we got our drinks, Karina and I went to the end of the bar outside where there were two empty stools. At one point, I went to the bathroom while Karina watched my purse. Let me set the scene. It’s the very end of the bar. My DRINK is on the bar. Karina is facing the direction of my stool, where my purse is on top of it…I walked back from the restroom just as this one chick and two guys were taking up space at the end of the bar to smoke…Which I was fine with but when I said “Excuse me” so I could get to my space, the girl freaked out. Behind me, I heard her SAY…

“FAIL. This isn’t going to work. FAIL”

Yes. She said “FAIL”...out loud. In public.

Did you NOT see my drink right there? Did you think Karina was talking to her imaginary friend?

So we left Rumors…originally, the gang was supposed to get there by 6:30 but when I called them around 6:40, they hadn’t even left Shady Grove yet. *glare* So we decided to go get Karina’s car out of the garage and find a parking spot on the street. When the gang finally got to Dupont, we headed over to the Big Hunt. (I really didn’t take that many pix last night so you’ll have to do with the pix I find from the ‘net)

We went directly upstairs to the deck to find a table. Three of us grabbed our drinks from the bar before sitting down…This really pissed off the waitress, who decided to single me out and said “Did you start a tab at the bar? Because when you sit at a TABLE you order from the TABLE.” At that point, Jordan & Liz decided we really didn’t want to eat there because we weren’t sure what the waitress would do to our food. Around that time, I got a text message from the gorgeous Miss Scarlett. We had decided that she’d stop by wherever I was before heading to her date so that we could finally meet! She is even more gorgeous in real life. The funniest thing was explaining to my friends that Scarlett & I were bloggers…and we met through our blogs…I told Scarlett that I’d met the gang in high school. She said “That’s so boring!”…

After finished our drinks, we headed to The Front Page & Scarlett went off to her date. That’s when everything really went downhill.

The highlights from the conversation are (I actually had to text myself to remember what they were…):

~A five minute conversation on fleshlights
~A bar in the BASEMENT of an Econolodge in WV
~Our friend being convinced that her dorm neighbors put a roofie in her drink (Even though they didn’t) and not even realizing that they were probably joking when she didn’t pass out…
~Me being a hooker in the city.
~Me being an escort in the city.
~Whether or not I get paid for surfing Facebook all day.
~AWKWARD TURTLE…This was Nirmal making a ‘turtle’ with his hands and breaking up any awkward moments in conversation. Awkward turtle came out a lot last night…LOL

We had a great time. One thing that I LOVED was the fact that Karina, Scarlett and the gang from MD all got along swimmingly. Even though they’d never met before, it made me feel good knowing that I’m pretty consistent in the friends that I choose, even if I meet them through different means (HS, Blogging, through another friend)…It also made me feel solid in the person that I am and showed that I really am consistent as a person, online or offline…no matter how people may try to make me out to be a fake bitch.

I do love my friends. I give Nirmal a hard time but he’s been by my side for a decade now (Holy hell…) and I couldn’t ask for a better best guy friend.

I also realized that…I am SUCH a homebody. Going out with friends may be fun and all…and Dupont really is a great place but I am really not the type of girl to go bar-hopping…at all. I’d rather just stay in one place with friends and the company is really all that matters.

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  • Cassie March 7, 2009, 1:49 pm

    I’m not a bar hopper either…much rather sit around at someone’s house and get drunk!! BUT, I’m not above going to a bar every now and again.

    Glad you had fun.

    That FAIL girl woulda got her ass kicked… just sayin

  • Just Jen March 7, 2009, 2:59 pm

    I’ve never been big on the bar hopping either – too expensive and really not that much fun.

    So glad you got out and had some fun…though I probably would have decked the girl who used FAIL in public and then had a discussion with the waitress’ manager re: her bad attitude and the fact that you were now leaving their establishment because you feared for your food. LOL

  • Anita March 7, 2009, 3:38 pm

    Oooh I LOVE Front Page!



  • I-66 March 7, 2009, 7:03 pm

    My my my… Rumors and the Page in the same night? No Sign of the Whale to make it a trifecta? Haha… Glad you had a good night.

  • perpstu March 7, 2009, 8:52 pm

    Meh. Barhopping is over rated. Too time consuming. I am glad that you went out and had fun though! You definitely deserve it. XOXOXO

  • pecosa March 9, 2009, 2:42 pm

    I love bar-hopping in Austin bcs 6th street makes it super easy. One street, tons of bars, no covers and great specials.

    She said “FAIL” ? Out loud? In public? lmao!

  • Mlqyyquy July 14, 2009, 4:34 pm


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