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After I wrote my shopping list blog today, I came across a site that was quite interesting. After falling into the shoe trap again, I really wanted to find shoes of all kinds in ONE PLACE instead of going from site to site (And not being able to go to Victoria’s Secret because my work tagged it as porn…WTF!)…And I have super ADD…so if I’m shopping online, having everything in one place would be AWESOME.


Check out www.ShopWiki.com. Straight from their About Page:

The Internet is a big place with tons of information. When shopping, you need a powerful search engine to find all the available products and to ensure you’re getting the best deal. That’s where ShopWiki comes in. ShopWiki is the ultimate shopping search engine, combining powerful Web-crawling technology with wiki buying and gift guides. ShopWiki doesn’t sell any products and doesn’t charge retailers to include their products in your search results. That means you’re getting comprehensive results every time. Whether you’re just beginning to research a product or you know exactly what you want, ShopWiki should be your first stop when you’re ready to shop.

More Stores
ShopWiki actively crawls more than 200,000 online stores to ensure you’ll find the products you want at the best prices.

Complete Searches
You have many options when it comes to your shopping search on ShopWiki. You can do a simple product search or narrow down your search results using a number of variables, including price, special features, brand and retailer. For example, try searching for a 2-person kayak between $400 and $800 or be more specific and search for a 2-person kayak between $400 and $800 site:amazon.com. ShopWiki also features a number of tools to help you find exactly what you’re looking for, including search by color and brand.”

Wiki Buying and Gift Guides
The wiki premise is simple—it’s about sharing information. Anyone can edit and update the content on any wiki. If there’s no wiki covering a product you know a lot about, you can create a new one. The ShopWiki buying and gift guides exist to help shoppers through the research stage of shopping. For example, if you’re interested in a digital camera, but you don’t know a megapixel from a memory stick, the digital cameras guide outlines what you need to know to make a smart purchase. Or maybe you’ve been invited to your old college roommate’s brand new house and are stumped on what to buy. The housewarming gift guide helps you decide between the traditional options and something more Feng Shui.

Their SHOES page is AMAZING. They have a Shoes Buying Guide and every possible shoe you can think to search for…from men to women’s to children’s and they even have shoe horns you can buy! So go ahead…bookmark them!

For my athletic peeps…Check out their Running Shoes Buying Guide.

Psst…Squish…They even have a Wedding Wiki and wedding shoe buying guide! You know, so you can find the perfect shoe…In the perfect Wiki way, the site gives you everything that you should consider…So check it out.

For my bookworms, they have links to places you can read books online…FOR FREE & more…

They have everything from accessories to clothing to collectibles to gardening to health & beauty to automotive…

So what are you waiting for?


You can begin with the Wiki Shopping Directory

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  • Jaime March 5, 2009, 10:58 pm

    I don’t get what’s so exciting about shoes.

  • topsurf March 6, 2009, 3:29 am

    Nice links ….who knew? Well now I do, thank you!

  • perpstu March 6, 2009, 11:40 am

    Seriously? SERIOUSLY? You had to post a link to another shopping site you know I won’t be able to resist? Sometimes I think you are truly evil. 😉 LOL

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