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10 Things

I want to have a little fun….So here are ten things I can’t live without.

10) Sex — OK..so I CAN live without it but I’d rather not. Funny how right after my 19th birthday, I had vowed to wait till marriage…and right before my 20th birthday, I met the man that changed all that. I love having sex as long as it’s fun and carefree…I’m done with stress and worrying about stupid shit. With that being said…I can go 9 months without sex but there are days my hormones are so out of control that I might end up leg-humping the next guy that walks by me on the street.

9) Sneakers/Running shoes/Stilettos — Is there anything better than a sneaker making your foot feel snuggly? Well, there are flip flops in the summer…but since I’ve started running, I love sneakers. They’re so comfortable and even though I used to be self-conscious about my height, now I don’t give a fuck. I’m not all hung up on wearing high heels anymore, though when the mood hits, I’ll put on those stilettos and strut like the world is mine to conquer.

8 ) Food — Good food at that. I’m very picky about what I eat…not because I’m watching calories but because I love to eat good food. If it doesn’t taste right, I don’t care if I paid $10 for it…That thing is not going back in my mouth. I love pasta but it has to be cooked right and have the right amount of sauce. I love chicken, beef…Hmm…beef…and some seafood. I love bread…YAY CARBS! I used to be a big chocolate fan but not anymore…I’m even pickier about my deserts…Turkish, Italian and some Greek food are at the top of that list.

7) Laughter — If I can’t laugh at least once a day…what’s the point of that day? .

6)Being silly/Sarcastic/Random/Retarded — I have to be random..and silly..and stupid…and outrageous…Come on now..is there any other way to live?

5) Music — Dancing..singing (badly)….listening to music while I fall asleep, as I do homework, working, running, reading a book, writing, doing the dishes, cleaning the house, & sometimes even while watching TV…Music is the fuel to my fire.

4) Words — I was going to put books here but that’d be too restricting. I cannot live without words…whether they are my own or someone else’s….Yes, books are right there with music…They fulfill me..they give me hope, ideas, an escape…But words in general are what keep me going…without stopping…no matter where life takes me, words will be there to help me express and explore.

3)Memories — Really…the good and the bad…the tears and the laughs…the pain and the joy…Memories and the events of my past have helped me become the person I am today…Where would I be without them?

2) My Friends — You know the ones…

1)Faith — In the end, it all comes down to faith. I’m not very religious but I do have faith…no matter what…I do believe in the power of prayer. I do believe that by keeping the faith, I’m giving myself strength to move on. I do know that if I don’t have faith in myself, nothing else matters. So no matter what…I keep the faith…

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  • NotAMeanGirl January 5, 2009, 9:50 am

    1. My son – He’s the light of my life. Truly, everything is done with him in mind.
    2. Music – Singing especially. It’s an outlet for me that I can NOT function without.
    3. Fluffy books – The keep my sane when all about me is chaos.
    4. Food- I am an emotional eater. I’m trying to BREAK that cycle but it’s really, REALLY hard.
    5. Plurk- It’s how I socialize since I live in B.F.E. The Woods, East Texas.
    6. Mental Stimulation- Challenge me or I wither.
    7. COFFEE – Enuff said.
    8. Online Shopping – See reason for Plurk if you need clarification.
    9. Pink Stuff- Mostly for little girls. It’s an obsession. MUST. BY. MOAR.
    10. Affection – Hand Holding, little touches, meaningful looks… they’re all necessary to make me feel loved.

  • perpstu January 5, 2009, 10:33 am

    Fantastic! I am squirreling this away for future use!


  • Cassie January 5, 2009, 11:54 am

    10) Alcohol…it definitely makes the list. It is my friend….cept for maybe tequila….

    9) Food makes my list too. I am surrounded by great food, hence the reason it is hard to lose weight.

    8) Love…in any form.

    7) My land…the back breaking work keeps me sane most days….just being able to physically WORK makes the days bearable some days…it is a GREAT stress reliever. AND you get beautiful bonfires outta the deal!

    6) My car….it represents my freedom, I would go NUTS if I couldn’t go when I wanted to do so.

    5) MySpace…and the friends I have made on there, which gives me places to go in my car!

    4) Music…makes the day go by MUCH faster….keeps me company whilst cleaning and can be adjusted according to my mood.

    3) My animals….they give me purpose and keep me from completely running away some days.

    2) Friends…anyone to hang out, joke around, goof off, talk seriously and just generally be with….

    1) Family. I could NOT be who I am today without them. They keep me grounded, they make me crazy, they are my life!!!!!!

  • Tinyshrimp January 5, 2009, 3:09 pm

    Definitely couldn’t live with out my family, friends, laughter, high heels, books, or IM

  • blsflignorance January 5, 2009, 9:48 pm

    10 – Coffee, I’m one of those children that snuck daddies coffee when he went to the bathroom. Or took a sip before giving it to him to make sure it tasted good. I do that for my fiance as well, if I make him one. I take a quick sip to make sure it’s perfect. A fine coffee keeps me going. A great coffee will actually relax and soothe me. It’s almost more Canadian than Hockey.

    You may be a coffee addict if:
    – You can jump start your car without cables.
    – You answer the door before people knock.
    – You get a speeding ticket even when you are parked.
    – You’ve worn out your third pair of shoes this week.
    – Your eyes stay open even when you sneeze.
    – You grind coffee beans in your mouth.
    – You can type sixty words per minute — with your feet.
    – You soak your dentures in coffee overnight.
    – You sleep with your eyes open.
    – You have a picture of your coffee mug on your coffee mug.
    – Instant coffee takes too long to make.
    – You channel surf faster without the remote.
    – You don’t sweat… you percolate.
    – You’ve built a miniature city out of little plastic stirrers.
    – You short out motion detectors.
    – You walk twenty miles on your treadmill before you realize it’s not plugged in.
    – The only time you are standing still is during an earthquake!

    9 – Writing
    A little creative writing goes a long way, I used to write pages and pages every day. Although I no longer have the time for it, I find an outlet somewhere. Whether it’s a quick little poem, or a blog, or a short story. I’m really nothing if not for imaginative. I started writing poetry at the ripe old age of 7. Although I was horrible at it back then, it didn’t make me love writing any less.

    Lucky Penny:
    “Lucky penny,
    Wishing Well,
    Horse shoe upside,
    Kiss and tell.

    I’m a lucky one
    as you can see.
    So lets play
    at the old oak tree”
    (c) blsflignorance 1988

    8 – Marshmallows
    I don’t eat them often, but they are my comfort food, which makes them all the more special. On those days when I’m bloaty or sore or all I want to do is cry… I eat a marshmallow or 50 and some how it always makes me feel better.

    “Marshmallows are white, meaning that no one took the time to think about esthetics.
    They are sweet, meaning that someone took the time to love them.
    They are bad, for those worried about blood sugar.
    They are good, for those with intestinal problems.
    By these points I make I deduce that marshmallows are officially nothing.
    Please Nin, may I have another?”
    (c)blsflignorance 1997

    (sorry if the picture doesn’t show up)

    7 – Music
    I love pretty much any music, but nothing is better than listening to some of the older rock alt songs. Especially when it’s time to clean. They are fun and upbeat and they don’t give me a Techno Headache. I can listen to music 24 hours a day for the rest of my life and never get tired of it… especially not the classics, they sure don’t write music like they used to.

    “We’ve never watched a sunset
    or strolled along the beach
    we’ve never spent a night alone
    our lips they never meet

    You, you don’t come a-calling,
    and I, I never swoon.
    But still I know the day we fall
    It cannot come too soon.

    Until I met you
    I thought that I would always be alone
    Until I met you
    I never thought I’d find my home sweet home
    Until I met you
    I told my dreams that they would not come true
    Until I met you”
    (c) blsflignorance (a work in progress)

    6 – Culture
    I’m a very cultural person.
    There is a tradition in my family that puts family first. I do not go to work on birthdays. My daughters, my fiance’s and my own. Nor do they.. ever. It’s a way of putting family first and it’s something that I practice without fail.
    They day you are born is the day you change each others lives forever without even knowing it. It’s a treasure to have loved ones and it’s selfish to not want to spend every moment of their special day with them, doing things just for them. If you can’t make time that one day of the year you aren’t worthy of their time.

    “I’m sorry. I can’t offer you riches, or cars, or trips around the world, I cannot afford to pay $200 for a pound of imported coffee. I can’t even pay my own rent without a little help, but I do have time… can I give that to you instead?”
    (c) blsflignorance (a work in progress)

    5 – Love
    I have lost so many people already in this world that I love dearly, and my only regret was that I never told them I loved them enough times. It’s something that should be said every single day to every single person that you love. Parents, children, cousins, lovers, and friends. It should never be taken for granted, and should never be tucked aside for a rainy day.
    Tell everyone you love, that you love them.. every single time you see them. And when you say “I love you” look into their eyes.. and mean it.. with every fiber of your being, you never know when it’s gonna be the last time you say it to them.

    4 – Laughter
    They say that laughter is the best medicine. I totally agree with that statement, the one thing that people have to work on I’ve noticed, is the ability to laugh at ones self. If you can’t laugh at yourself, everyone else will. I’d rather have them laugh with me then at me. So I’ve learned to laugh… even in the saddest of moments, I’ll still laugh at a good joke.
    Even with pneumonia I’d still as for a prescription of laughter from a doctor.
    “He who laughs alone, laughs loudest”

    3 – Yes or No
    I like a good story at much as the rest of ’em. But when I ask a yes or no question, I expect either “Yes” or “No” a long drawn out “Well you see…. insert mindless banter here… ” is both irritating and time consuming. it’s a waste of time on both parties and usually more confusing then it has to be.

    2 – Pictures
    They say that pictures are worth 1000 words. Some pictures I have can bring tears of joy or nostalgia to my eyes. If I had to pack only the nesessities and leave at a moments notice. Forget the toothbrush, and shampoo, I can buy a new one.. I’ll take my photo album instead thanks.
    There is no replacing momentos and memories.

    1 – Optimism
    I have to take the time to look at the bright side of things. Sometimes I need someone to remind me what they are. Any which way it goes. Life can’t be all an up hill battle, so I do my best to find the good. It makes me happy to see others who do the same. Makes me realise that we’re only human and we’re perfect in all our imperfections.

    Those are the 10 things I cannot live without

  • Damaris January 6, 2009, 8:07 am

    1. God and my faith in Him and His love. He’s the reason for my being!

    2. Love — from my family and friends.

    3. The storms of life — without them I wouldn’t be who I am today, I would not appreciate life so much and would not have learned all I know.

    4. Laughter — the absolute best medicine!

    5. Hope & Faith — in the future, in people, in myself!

    6. Food — the reason why my booty is so… well… bootylicious (sp?)

    7. Coffee — I am a zombie in the morning without it. 😯 <— that’s a pretty good example of what I look like without it… LOL

    8. Journals — I need an outlet when life throws me curveballs

    9. Spring time — a reminder that seasons always change and that things renew (a lot like life!) (It’s also the season of my B-day! LOL)

    10. Sleep — I love sleep… ZzzZzzZzzZzz

  • bethany January 7, 2009, 4:55 pm

    10 Things I Can’t Live Without:

    10. The Internet
    9. A Vibrator
    8. Laughter
    7. Sleep
    6. Hot baths
    5. Hugs and Kisses
    4. Music
    3. Writing
    2. Friendships
    1. “The” Boy

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