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Villains, Week 5

(Spoilers ahead, duh. This won’t be as in depth but I’ll make up for it with some pictures, I promise)


So, this whole episode makes me wonder what they have on Daphne…She really seems like a GOOD Hero who has to do the dirty work because of something she *needs*

Matt comes back from Africa all ready to fall in love with Daphne, talking to his turtle.

Papa Petrelli is even more dangerous than Sylar and Peter combined! He COMPLETELY takes away a heroes’ powers…Holy shit, I can’t believe Adam died!!

Ohmygod Mohinder…Stupid Nathan! Traci’s all bad-ass with the freezing but too slow!! Will Nathan fly her out of there?!

Who knew Claire was the one that’s gonna get shot and save everyone? *raises hand*

Ohhhhhhh…I see where Peter turned bad-ass now…It’s the HUNGER. Poor Sylar….trying to be a good brother and gets his ass kicked…*tsk tsk*

I hate Papa Petrelli and his eyebrows.

So what will happen next week? What are your theories? Comments? Discuss…

And now, some picture goodness:

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  • Cassie October 21, 2008, 11:53 am

    Bad Peter made me happy in my no-no spots!!!!! I wanna see SOMEONE just beat the SHIT outta Mohinder, I never did like the man.

    I, too, want to know wtf they have over Daphne and how she and Matt overcome it!!!

    AND, yes, I knew Claire was gonna bit the bullet…..get it, bite the bullet!!! hahahahahahaha I know it’s lame, but dammit it’s all I got today!! LOL

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