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Villains, Week 4

(Spoilers ahead, naturally)

OK, I hope I wasn’t the only one who COMPLETELY forgot about Parkman’s dad….Anyone? Bueller?

So Linderman IS dead and it’s PARKMAN SR. that’s making people see Linderman…so manipulate them for the real evil, who turns out to be Papa Petrelli…I did gather from previous episodes of Heroes that SOMEONE in the original company got too power greedy…and it was possible that it was Papa Petrelli…last night’s episode confirms that. So the villains that we saw in the future were actually gathered by Papa Petrelli to form a company of his own…and Daphne is the recruiter at the moment. I’m guessing once she meets Parkman, things are going to change…

And I hope that Hiro had a fucking PLAN BEFORE HE STABBED ANDO! WHAT…THE..FUCK!

Adam’s trick = Priceless….LMAO. Poor Hiro…

So, I was wondering why in the world Sylar didn’t just use his hearing power when Noah was telling the vortex dude to kill Sylar…Sure, he read Claire and Noah’s mind AFTER the fact but why was he just standing there as if he couldn’t hear them? I think Sylar is trying…I’m kind of rooting for him.

What. The. FUCK is up Mohinder’s ass? And how stupid was Maya? Not killing him…Oy.

Best line of the week goes to Traci:

“You think God did this to us?”
“If God didn’t, who did?”
“A doctor in California” (I forgot the exact place)

How creepy was the puppet dude? If Claire’s mom already knew about the puppet man’s power, then why did she go see him?! UGH! STUPID WOMEN!

So…theories? What’s gonna happen with Papa Petrelli? I wanna know what HIS power is…I think it’s probably some kind of manipulation…

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  • Cassie October 14, 2008, 11:22 am

    YAY, I can FINALLY comment on this blog!!! LOL I actually caught up with all my TV!! WHOOOO HOO!!!

    ok..enough with the excietement…..I wanted to SLAP Hiro for stabbing Ando….SERIOUSLY? I only hope he goes back in time and changes it, somehow!!!

    AND Mohinder would be dead, cause that is some seriously creepy shit he is doing!

    and I wondered the same thing about Sylar’s hearing. I am only now filling in missing pieces from the last season that I missed and I’m sure there will be plenty more for me to fill in as the season progresses.

    AND, my last thought….I was hoping Peter would actually off his mother…I do not like her at all!!!

    AND, if I’m not mistaken…..it was Berkely, CA!

  • Ron October 14, 2008, 11:36 am

    I was wondering when Parkman’s dad would come back. He was in Mama Petrelli’s dream with Knox, Adam and Tracy (though maybe that was the mysterious Barbara?!?). I did NOT put that together with the hallucinations though. Fricking brilliant! That explains why Nathan, Daphne, Claire and Matt are on the evil side in the future.

    Ando… crap. I was hoping there’s a freeze time, find a fake sword and a bag of red dye scenario that saves his life. That was way too easy for him to just get cut out like that.

    I’m looking foward to seeing how powerful the puppetmaster is next week.

    I’m starting to like Sylar. I don’t know why.

  • +elizabeth+ October 14, 2008, 11:46 am

    Hiro stabbing Ando is not sad – Hiro controls time – he will go back and save him from that death…..

    Sylars hearing power – GOOD CALL PQ….I call foul there….but I love watching Sylar so much that I don’t care!

    As for Papa Petrelli – if Parkmans Dad is following his lead, he has GOT to be scary…..that’s all I am saying.

  • Celine, aka "CajunSoleil" October 16, 2008, 3:31 pm

    Maybe Noah’s negative treatment of Sylar is all show. Maybe the plan was for Noah to pretend he wants Sylar dead? B/c, remember, in the future, Sylar names his son after Noah. Or maybe the people who get sucked into those black holes don’t really die (b/c Sylar is supposed to be immune to death anyway) and they want Sylar to get sucked inside to see where the victims really end up? If Sylar were suspicious, he TOTALLY would have been listening. But does Sylar have all of his powers back yet? I don’t remember.

    This whole new Papa Petrelli thing should be interesting. And why did Mama Petrelli look so scared when she saw him in her vision? Amazing that he has so much power from a hospital bed!

    Hi, btw, I am Celine, one of Ron’s friends from myspace. 🙂 And I have a newborn at home so I don’t get to listen to every single word or catch every little hint as I would like to. But that won’t stop me from watching!

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