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Villains, Week 3

Do NOT read if you haven’t watched this week’s episode. (Someone want to make me a banner saying that so I don’t have to type it every week? LOL)

Last night’s episode was short and sweet…OK, well, as far as confusion goes so I’ll get right to it.


~ Hiro & Ando are being held at the Company.
~Traci finds out that she’s actually a triplet and she was chosen as a baby to have her power via DNA manipulation. (Who said cloning? You guys are so far out there…ha) She’s angry & confused so she gives Nathan her letter of resignation and goes to commit suicide. Who saw Nathan flying to save her as soon as she gave her letter of resignation? So Nathan nails the second blond triplet…
~Park-Man is in Africa and he’s painting the future (Which I will go into more detail in the FUTURE section, duh). His totem (Was that the word they used?) animal turns out to be a turtle. Poor Park-man.
~Mohinder is disintegrating. Or. Well, transforming.


~Bad-Ass Peter takes Emo-Peter to the future to show him how everyone has abilities now, which will bring the end of the world (Surprise surprise) and tells him that he has to find Sylar. Then Bad-Ass Claire shoots her Bad-Ass uncle but misses Emo-Peter because she wasn’t expecting him. Bad-Ass Claire is working with a villain and Daphne, who turns out to be married to Parkman and they are raising Molly and their own baby.
~Emo-Peter goes to find Mohinder who has turned into a bug-like creature though we never see his face. Peter reads his mind to find that Sylar is now living in the Bennett house.
~HOW CUTE IS SYLAR *ahem* GABRIEL’S SON?! Who’s the mom? Why don’t we see the mom?! Gabriel has chosen to be *good* in order to control his hunger and give his son a normal life. (Seriously. That boy is so cute). He refuses to give Peter his power to avoid condemning his *gasp*brother to that hell of having the hunger and becoming a killer. Peter tells Gabriel to paint the future and see for himself. Once convinced, Gabriel tells Peter to fix the watch and then he’ll understand the ability.

“Now you have it. I’m so sorry”

Right then, the villain trio come in to the house. In the struggle, Gabriel’s son is killed (I seriously almost cried) and Gabriel exploded. What is with the Petrelli brothers turning into nuclear bombs?!

Naturally Peter and Claire don’t die…But Peter ends up killing future Nathan (Who happens to be President, thank you Mr. Linderman) and comes back to the Present to Sylar’s cell.


Did I miss anything?

Discus amongst yourselves.

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  • +elizabeth+ October 7, 2008, 8:54 am

    I had no idea what to think about last nights episode overall – I was truthfully lost at some intervals.

    Sylar is so hot, I think I get distracted……(I digress).

    I do think Hiro and Ando are officially the comic relief for the show, if they didn’t already hold that banner – they certainly do now.

    I loved Parkman following the turtle…..it reminded me that sometimes the slow and steady path is the best path to take.

    Oh – last comment: Mohinder scares me…..

  • MnM October 7, 2008, 9:54 am

    Just when Mohinder was starting to get hot… damn. I hope he fixes himself.

    I love love love the ParkMan.

    I almost cried when the kid was killed too~ I knew that blast was coming, but I loved Syler playing the daddy, heh. And the kid was named after Noah? Who is the mom? I need to know!

    And YAY- Adam is back!!!

  • Ron October 7, 2008, 11:47 am

    Ok, besides what +E+ and MnM already said:
    – Which side is good and which is evil now?
    Evil: (Future) Claire, Daphne, Knox, Parkman, Nathan, Tracy, Linderman, the Haitian

    Good: (Future) Sylar, Peter??, Hiro?? Adam, Mama petrelli?

    But given what we see, that could be totally opposite and some people are seriously getting manipulated.

    On the fence from Mama Petrelli’s dream: Parkman’s Dad

    And did you catch the name of the third triplet? It was NOT “Jessica” – I think Jessica’s split personality was Niki’s power. The name of the other triplet was BARBARA. I expect to see her soon (Nathan’s probably going to bag her too ;-D).

  • LivingWicked October 7, 2008, 1:19 pm

    i *h e a r t* heroes.

  • Beth October 7, 2008, 10:18 pm

    Oh man. I’m dying to know who shacked up with Sylar.

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